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thekonietzkystrain replied to your photo “Two Weeks with Beats Music It’s been two weeks since Beats Music…”

Ever since I lost most of my MP3s from a dead HD, and your recommendation… I have been using Spotify. I am not even using the paid version and I love it. Nice to have to really lug my music around. I do still have a few harder to find albums.

Have you tried Google Play Music? I’m driving it around a little more and am enjoying it.

thekonietzkystrain replied to your post “I am trying so hard not to let this weekend end. Long weekend or not,…”

You and me both. Been spending the last two weeks beginning to remodel my childhood home. It feels weird and brings into perspective, the fact that I have done nothing with my life. LOL.

Mine is abandoned, and more than likely hosting squatters and/or drug dealers/users. All my childhood/teenage stuff has been stolen or trashed. It makes me a little sad, but at the same time I’m so much better off now as a human being that I don’t even want any of it. I’m sure you’ve done more with your life than you think you have. You’re so negative… :)

thekonietzkystrain replied to your post: There are just too many place that I want to post…

Use something like Hootsuite to make one post and it aggregates everywhere. My Tumblr automatically goes to Twitter and Facebook if I choose. I wish G+ would just connect to everything.

I know, I hate that about G+ honestly. They’re so intent on being their own little ecosystem that everyone else isn’t invited. I think I might mess around with IFTTT some more.

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