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Hearthstone Beta Mini-Review


I got a beta invite to try out Hearthstone, which is an upcoming Warcraft-themed card game. I’ve played it for about 2 hours total now, and I honestly don’t see any reason to continue.

That’s the main problem with the game… it’s not a PC game. It doesn’t have the legs to be one. It’s an iOS or Android game that you’re forced to sit at a computer to play. There’s nothing that makes me want to sit and play it for extended periods of time, but I could certainly see pulling out my phone and playing a bit while I was waiting around somewhere.

To be fair, the game is well done — familiar imagery, sounds and voices are all there — but the fact remains that this game should not have been a PC game.

I’m disappointed with this effort, and wish that whatever resources were dedicated to it would have been used for something that was actually cool.


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