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ChuckPalahniuk: Chuck Palahniuk Announces a Graphic Novel Sequel to FIGHT CLUB!




Huge news out of Comic-Con this past week. And I mean huge. First, a recap: if you didn’t already know, Chuck made an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con this past Thursday and Friday. He signed advanced reader’s copies of his upcoming novel Doomed, met with fans, and also spoke on a panel…


Hmm. Don’t know if want…


Update: Detroit Needs A Statue of Robocop

Almost 2 years ago, Imagination Station Detroit set out to raise $50,000 dollars to create a monument to the fictional hero of Detroit, Robocop. They eclipsed their goal and immediately began rebuilding Officer Alex J. Murphy again. 

“He’s not done yet, but what you’re seeing in these pictures is pretty much exactly how he’ll look.”

They recently posted an update along with the above images letting everyone know the status of this 10 foot tall monument.

Sorry Detroit, but I’ll be taking this for my front lawn.

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