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Apparently, Dads Make iPhones Uncool


The president of HTC said the Windows Phone 7 and iPhone aren’t seen as cool anymore because dads use them. Take this with a grain of salt… well, two grains because:

  1. He’s the president of a competing company, not a statistician; and
  2. If you think your phone makes you the Fonze, you weren’t cool to begin with.

I’m seeing it more and more. There seems to be an ever-increasing debate about how to remain cool as a parent. You know what? If it really matters to you, go ahead and call your minivan a “swagger wagon.” But, we all know it’s just a minivan. And now we all know you give a shit what other people think, which is the most uncool thing of all.

I’ve said this before and I guess I’ll say this again: The coolest thing a parent can do — the absolute most badass thing — is raise a great kid. Everything else is bullshit.

I love this post so much I wish I could buy it a beer.

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